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Still Getting Cavities?

October 2017

Are you suddenly getting cavities after years of being cavity-free?

It may seem strange to suddenly be having these problems again, but in fact it is very common for you to experience cavities as you get older. They don't just affect children. Children and seniors are the two highest at-risk groups for tooth decay.

One common cause of cavities for older Americans is dry mouth, which is often a side-effect of medications for blood pressure, cholesterol, allergies and more. So how can you prevent this?

First, you should speak with your dentist about any medications you are taking and get their input. Here are some other tips for keeping your teeth healthy:

With these tips and regular cleanings, you can keep your teeth healthy. Scheduling regular cleanings (two each year are recommended) can help your dentist catch and treat the early stages of cavities or other issues before it becomes more serious.

Remember: The State of Texas Dental Discount Plan is not dental insurance. This discount plan allows you to pay a discounted fee at the time of service when you visit a participating network dentist. The State of Texas Dental Discount Plan can be used for routine and preventive care, specialty treatment and cosmetic services such as braces for children and adults, as well as teeth whitening. There are no limits on plan use, and savings start as soon as your plan takes effect.