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Take a vacation, but not from your dental routine!

August 2017

When you take a vacation, be sure you don't check out completely. You may be taking a break from the everyday, but don't ignore your daily dental routine! When traveling, keep these few things in mind.

Make sure you pack enough to maintain your daily routine. A 3.4-ounce travel size toothpaste will provide 10 brushings per tube. With that number you can adjust and decide how much you should bring on your trip. The same goes for mouthwash and floss -bring them to maintain your normal routine!

It's important to look at the toothbrush you plan to bring on your trip. Some of the travel brushes on the market today have a major flaw. Without a long handle it is difficult to reach the back molars in your mouth. When you shop for toothbrushes, keep in mind that it's for travel. Don't spend lots of money on an expensive, high-end toothbrush you will only use for a few days out of the year. It is better to put that money in your home toothbrush.

Don't bother about teeth whitening. Keeping up with your overall dental health is much more important than continuing an at-home whitening schedule. Mobile teeth whitening kits are available, but they tend to be very expensive and bulky. If you are going on a short trip it is probably not worth it.

When you travel you tend to snack more often. Choose healthy treats instead of all the chocolate and sugar for sale in the airport. Apples and other fruits are good choices if you can find them. Some of the best alternatives are pretzels and crackers because they promote a healthy thirst. The key is to quench that thirst with water, not sugary soda and juices! Water will naturally help clean and rinse your teeth; helping to reduce plaque buildup and keep away nasty stains.

Wherever you travel, make sure you keep your dental health in mind. Remember to brush, drink lots of water and stay away from possibly harmful foods! No matter where your travels take you, make sure to keep up with your daily dental routine!