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Is Chewing Ice Bad For You?

August 2016

Chewing ice can be a great way to cool off, especially now that summer is here. But besides the annoying chewing sound, what are the downsides of chewing ice?

Our teeth deal with a lot throughout the day and are under a constant barrage of bacteria from the food we eat. While teeth are strong, they aren't meant to chew ice, and doing so can damage your teeth by causing cracks or chips, damaging tooth enamel and even damaging fillings.

Instead of chewing ice to cool down during those hot summer months, dentists recommend letting ice melt in your mouth rather than chewing it, much like hard candy. Want something that offers far more nutritional value than ice but doesn't lose the crunch you want? Try carrots or apples. Not only are they both super healthy and won't damage your pearly whites, but they also wipe away bacteria on your teeth and increase saliva production, which also helps neutralize bacteria in your mouth.

Apart from possibly damaging your teeth, persistent ice chewing is sometimes attributed to an iron deficiency, which is generally characterized by weakness, pale skin and dizziness. While this doesn't affect a huge number of people, it's still something that needs attention and can be easily corrected with an iron supplement.

Accidents happen. Whether it's a tooth chipped chewing ice or a poolside mishap, the State of Texas Dental Discount Plan can help you save on your next visit to the dentist. Visit or call toll-free (844) 377-3368 to find a provider near you!