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No Pain is Gain

October 2014

We seem to have the mentality of, "if it hurts, it works" for many things in life - exercise, beauty, fashion and even mouthwash!

Bottle of mouth washEver wonder why your mouthwash tends to burn? You might have to feel the burn to get results from your workout, but this shouldn't apply to your mouthwash! That burn is from the alcohol in the solution. According to, mouthwash containing alcohol usually has about 20% to 30% alcohol content. If used too often, this type of mouthwash can irritate your mouth, dry it out, damage the cells in your mouth and even cause sores over time.

Beyond banishing that morning dragon breath, mouthwash brands promise so much more, including numerous health benefits. Mouthwash with fluoride can help reduce the risk of cavities. It can also soothe canker sores by detoxifying the bacteria from the area. (Saltwater works great, too.) Be warned, though. If the alcohol content is too high, it will irritate the canker sore. It's much better to find an alcohol-free mouthwash or simply use saltwater alongside your brushing and flossing regimen.

Are you using your mouthwash correctly? That might seem like a silly thing to say - it seems straight forward enough. But in addition to swishing the mouthwash for 30 to 60 seconds, you should gargle it for 30 to 60 seconds as well. It can actually drastically reduce that dragon breath we mentioned, as bacteria buildup at the back of your mouth near your throat can cause bad breath.

Make sure you combine good at-home dental practices with routine checkups. A healthy body starts with a healthy mouth, and many signs of diseases or illnesses can be caught during a dental checkup. The State of Texas Dental Discount PlanSM can help you save on dental care and treatment to help keep your mouth healthy and your wallet happy.

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