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Student Roadside Savings

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Thank you for enrolling in Student Roadside Savings. Your membership includes a Roadside Assistance Plan, Everyday Discounts, Online Shopping Cash Back...

Your Student Roadside Savings membership includes:

24/7 Personal Assistance Roadside Assistance Everyday Discounts Online Shopping Cash Back Online Shopping Discounts Advance Medical Directives

24/7 Personal Assistance

Members will receive the comfort, care and attention of LiveTravel, Inc.'s ("LiveTravel") personal assistance coordinators, available 24/7, to respond to virtually any request no matter how large or small. Assistance for referrals on: ATM locations, passport requirements, legal referrals, bail bond assistance, lost passport/travel documents, emergency cash transfer assistance and much more:

LiveTravel provides the 24/7 Personal Assistance service through coordination, negotiation, and consultation using an extensive network of partners. Expenses for goods and services provided by third parties are the responsibility of the member.

How to Access:
Please call the toll-free 877-202-9765 to speak with a personal assistant now.

Roadside Assistance

Powered by Roadside Protect
Roadside Protect

Roadside Protect has designed your roadside assistance plan to reduce the impact of many of the inconveniences and burdens that accompany automobile ownership. Whether the issues are auto maintenance, automobile breakdown, or automobile accidents, this plan has been designed to enhance your automobile experience.

Roadside Assistance Services:

  • Vehicle Towing
  • Vehicle Fuel Delivery
  • Vehicle Lockout
  • Vehicle Extrication
  • Vehicle Tire Change
  • Vehicle Jump Start

Roadside Assistance Services Include:

Emergency Roadside services are provided to Roadside Protect, Inc. by Signature’s Nationwide Auto Club Inc.

How to Access Roadside Assistance Services
Call 877-202-9765, and select the Roadside Protect Services option to access the plan. A live agent is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Members are required to pay cost of service if it exceeds the $50 maximum benefit limit at the time of service.

Members receive emergency roadside assistance services for up to 2 claims per membership year per member with a maximum payment of $50 per claim. Members must call the Toll-Free Roadside Assistance number listed on membership card so that Roadside Protect's agents can locate a service provider to assist them. Services secured independently are not covered and will not be reimbursed. However, if Roadside Protect cannot secure dispatch or if service is unavailable, Roadside Protect's agents will provide an Authorization Number which gives the member the option of securing their own service and submitting for reimbursement consideration up to their program benefit limit. For reimbursement consideration, please mail the following to: Reimbursement Center, c/o Auto Road Service, PO Box 55698, Sherman Oaks CA 91413, and include the following: 1) Service Provider Invoice 2) Member Name & Address 3) Membership Number 4) Authorization Number 5) Brief explanation of the incident

Roadside Assistance Service Excludes:
1. Service if member is not with the disabled vehicle. 2. Transportation for the member to the vehicle for service or from the vehicle to another destination after service has been rendered. 3. Service will not be rendered in areas not regularly traveled, such as vacant lots, beaches, open fields, or other places which would be hazardous for service vehicles to reach. 4. Towing a vehicle off a boat dock or marina. 5. Delivery or repair of tires. 6. Installation or removal of snow tires and chains nor dismounting, repairing, or rotating tires. 7. Vehicle’s storage charges. 8. Cost of parts, installation, products, materials, impounding, and additional labor relating to towing. 9. Service of any kind on vehicles used for commercial purposed or using dealer tags (Note: All trucks in New York have commercial license plates whether they are used for business or private use. If the truck is used for private use, we will dispatch.) 10. Service for taxicabs, tractors, boats, trailers, dune buggies, or vehicles used for competition, or stolen vehicles. 11. Service for unlicensed vehicles. 12. Service for vehicles with expired safety inspection sticker, license plate sticker, and/or emission sticker(s) where required by law. 13. Service for vehicles illegally parked or impounded. 14. Repeated service calls for a car in need of routine maintenance. 15. Service when a vehicle is snowbound. We do not hoist, winch, or shovel vehicles from unplowed roads, snow banks, snowbound driveways, or curbside parking.

Everyday Discounts

With the Everyday Discounts program provided by Access Development, there's never a need to wait for a sale or hunt for a bargain, you can enjoy savings in your own neighborhood. You always save big with discounts from 10% to 50% off at popular retailers nationwide. Finding what you want at a great price is easy, and saving is even easier! This program will give you access to over 300,000 retailers and over 500 national brands so you can find exactly what you are looking for.

Discounts Offered:

How to Access

  1. Click Here to Start Saving.
  2. If you are visiting the website for the first time, select "Register" in the upper, right-hand corner to create an account.
  3. Enter your Member ID Number (which is located on your ID Card).
  4. Enter the remaining requested information.
  5. Check the email account that you registered with, and click the verification link to begin searching for discounts and coupons in your area.
  6. If you are a returning member, click "Sign In" in the upper, right-hand corner, and enter the email address and password that you registered with.
  7. If you have any questions about the program or how it works, please call 877-202-9765.

Online Shopping Cash Back

by Retail Benefits

Retail Benefits is an ecommerce portal and shopping assistant to leading merchants, where you can earn between 1% - 40% cash-back just for shopping online. This shopping assistant lets you shop where you're already shopping online today; the same stores and same merchandise, but now you will actually get paid for shopping. Every purchase made through the online shopping assistant will give you cash-back, no matter what the purchase.

Cash-back can be paid with direct deposit or check when the amount reaches a specified threshold. You will also have the option to setup a percentage of all earnings as a tax-deductible donation to any of the available two million non-profit organizations.

With the Retail Benefits Shopping Assistant, you will be able to see if specific sites offer cash-back rewards. You then can enable cash-back rewards and shop as you normally would through the retailer's website.

As a member you will receive:

Retailers Include:

The Gap
Banana Republic
Dicks Sporting Goods
The Sharper Image

Best Buy
Bed Bath and Beyond
Sun and Ski Sports
Sunglass Hut
JC Penny

Eddie Bauer
The Home Depot
Old Navy
Foot Locker
Office Depot
Crate and Barrel


How to Access

  1. Click Here to Start Saving
  2. Select "Register" to create an account.
  3. Fill out the necessary information, and click "Submit."
  4. Click "My Account" and "Install Toolbar."
  5. Search for items through the website or toolbar, or log in and shop directly.

Online Shopping Discounts

by Careington Mall
Careington Mall

Careington International offers a discount shopping program that can be used every day of the year, no matter where you are!

As a member, you can save money on goods and services you use the most from over 300 leading national merchants. From clothing to computers, gifts to golf or tickets to toys, Careington Mall offers discounts on thousands of products from top national brands and retailers.

Retailers Include:

Office Depot

Interstate Batteries
Red Envelope
Rosetta Stone

Shari's Berries

...and many more!

  1. Click Here to Start Saving
  2. Enter your Member ID Number, which is located on your Membership ID card.


Advance Medical Directives

by LifeCard Plans
LifeCard Plus

As a member of Student Roadside Savings, you will be able to purchase one of the three plan levels listed below: Standard, Premium, or Ultimate and save 20% off the normal retail price.

LifeCard Plans provides you with emergency access to medical and legal documents from anywhere in the world. LifeCard Plans will provide you and your entire family with secure digital storage of key information and documents. This online portal can be accessed via a secure login anywhere, anytime.

Through LifeCard Plans Digital Vault, you will have a secure online location to store and access essential information and grant access to emergency healthcare professionals and designated agents when needed. You will be able to store and access the following essential information:

Medical history
Medical Services
End-of-Life Expenses
Funeral Arrangements

Physician Contract
Financial Agent Appointee
Medical Treatment
Medical Facilities
Assets and Possessions

Copy of Medical Records
Trustee Appointee
Health Care Agent information
Health Insurance information
Emergency Contact information


You have the option of selecting one of the following DigitalVault Plans at 20% off the retail price:





Covers account holder, spouse or partner, and dependents

24/7/365 emergency access to vital medical info

Secure online storage of medical info, charts, existing legal documents

LifeMinder to do-it-yourself entry forms and auto-reminders

Unlimited document revisions

Living Will/Advance Medical Directives

Last Will and Testament


Simple (Living) Trust



Included data storage

5 GB

10 GB

15 GB


How to Access

  1. Click Here to Start Saving
  2. To purchase your discounted DigitalVault plan, select the plan of your choice, and create your account to start storing your information.

Student Roadside Savings is offered through Morefar Marketing, Inc., a member company of AIG.
Services are made available through Careington International Corporation.


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