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Family Campers & RVers Wellness Access Card

Having a proper healthy lifestyle is important to you and your family. With the Family Campers & RVers Wellness Access Card, you will have access to discounts on dental, vision, prescriptions and more. This non-insurance discount plan is easy to use as well. Simply become a member, show your membership ID to a participating health care professional at the time of service, and receive your discount off the regular-priced procedure or item. It is that simple! Here is what you get with the plan:


I used Teladoc for the first time and it took less than an hour from the time I requested a consult to the time I hung up the phone with the doctor. I missed the first call the doctor made to me, but she called me back 15 minutes later. The doctor was able to diagnose my issue over the phone and called a prescription into my pharmacy that I picked up on my way home from work 20 minutes later. Teladoc saved me 2 hours that I would've spent at the doctor's office, the $150 out-of-pocket deductible expense and resolved my issue faster than waiting at an urgent care center or waiting for an appointment to see my primary doctor. I used Teladoc once and the cost of the Wellness Access Card paid for itself!
Jennifer W.- Webster, NY

We used the Teledoc service today and they were great! (Jax ran into a chair and we thought he broke his nose) They called Bob back within the time frame given of 22 minutes and I used their website to upload pictures of his nose. The process was simple and they offered great customer service. It was definitely worth signing up for.
Aisha H.- Pittsford, NY

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