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Careington's dentist search tool can help you build a custom dentist list based on your preferences. To see the discount fee schedule for a provider, please click the "Click here to see Prices" link in the "Specialties" column. Please note that a discount fee schedule is not shown for specialists, because all participating specialists offer a 20% discount on their services.

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Careington's network includes more than 7,200 dental offices in Texas and more than 61,000 dental offices nationwide. You have the flexibility to visit any participating provider in the nation and to change dentists at any time - without receiving prior approval or filling out forms.

Careington's dedicated Customer Care team is available to help you locate a participating dentist in your area. Simply call (844) 377-3368 (TTY - 711), Monday through Friday, from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. CT, or click here to search for a dentist online.

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If you don't see your dentist on the search results, you may nominate your dentist here.

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