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Receive High-level Commissions by Selling Dental Savings Plans

As health care costs continue to rise, benefits packages are becoming less comprehensive and more expensive - leaving individuals with significant gaps in coverage. Now you can ensure that your employees, members and enrollees have access to affordable care for any health concern. Whether you're an employer, association, or affinity group, Careington's wide-ranging dental, medical, health and wellness options can help.



Improve employee satisfaction by filling in benefit gaps with Careington.

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Associations and Affinity Groups

Leverage Careington's products and services to build your membership base.

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Savings Plans

Dental Savings Plans


  • Unlimited plan usage
  • No waiting and everyone is accepted
  • Member receives a membership kit with instructions and 2 ID cards
  • Receive discounts at time of service
  • You can cancel in 30 days and receive a full refund, less your processing fee

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Additional Savings Plans

Regular medical screenings, completing treatment plans and stress reduction are just a few things your clients can do to improve their long-term health. Careington's discount plans ensure that your clients have access to affordable health care, so they no longer miss any check-ups or forgo filling prescriptions because of cost.

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