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Reduce your dental and vision care costs

AUSA has partnered with Careington International Corporation to provide discount plans at special reduced rates. Don’t let rising dental and vision costs prevent you from receiving the care and protection you need. With Careington's discount plans, you can take advantage of these savings and select a plan that is right for your budget.


To start saving today, select one of the plans above or contact us at (800) 290-0523.


About Careington International Corporation

Careington International Corporation is dedicated to improving the health and well-being of individuals by providing access to quality dental, health care and lifestyle services at a reduced rate. The company provides a range of membership programs – from dental, medical, pharmacy, vision and chiropractic to legal, tax, dependent care, concierge and identity theft – providing more than 15 million members with access to Careington's networks, products and services.